Jamie’s Italian…

I dined at Jamie’s about a month ago. I had been eagerly anticipating this day, as the hype around Jamie’s hip new restaurant in Sydney has been a huge buzz.

My expectations were very high and my stomach was empty for the occasion…I should’ve walked in with no expectations.

I got there early but the line quickly grew as I waited for my friend to arrive. Luckily the service was efficient and we quickly got a table. First impressions were that ambiance was very cool and funky whilst maintaining Jamie’s signature rustic style with its furniture. But as soon as we sat down we noticed that it was very noisy. Being seated inches away from the table next to you didn’t help either.

For the entree, we ordered the Meat Plank ($13.50 per head). It was amazing. Served on a wooden plank, and sitting on two cans to save space was a cool idea. The prosciutto and the cheeses were the standouts.The assortment of table breads were complementing too.

meat plank
Meat Plank

At this stage were were quite content but just had to try some mains. I ordered the Bicatini Carbonara ($19.00) and my friend ordered the Spaghetti Bolognaise ($19.00).

I found the carbonara to be very cheesy and the tubular spaghetti was too al dente for me. It was quite hard. Now I’m no sap who likes to eat soft pasta, I do appreciate it being cooked properly though.

Bicantini Carbonara
Bicantini Carbonara

First impressions of the bolognaise was that it looked like slop, but it tasted nice, though it didn’t have the extra zing which I was expecting from a restaurant of this caliber. It tasted hearty which was good, definitely better than my dish anyway. I would’ve thought presentation would be key as Jamie always presents his dishes nicely. And Yes I am aware not Jamie himself doesn’t actually work in this kitchen.

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Spaghetti Bolognaise

Because our mains were just “meh”, we decided to order dessert. Luckily this choice was a good once! The Creamy Pannacotta ($8.50) was delicious. Usually served with seasonal fruits, we were lucky enough to get the berry compote topping.

Creamy Pannacotta
Creamy Pannacotta

One thing I will say is that all these dishes are a substantial size. Good for sharing, for two would be too much food.

Overall, the service was fantastic, the ambiance was hip and you did feel important sitting there, but the  pastas were a let down. Not sure if it was just a bad day to go but it has made me not want to return. As we are spoilt for choice with italian food in Sydney, this would not be my number one or even qualify in my top 5.

107 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000


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