Gozleme anyone?

Gozleme Turkish House

Everytime I visit Birkenhead point to do a spot of shopping, I almost always frequent this little place in the food court.

Gozleme is made to order so after usually a 5 minute wait, you have a fresh and fairly generous serving of gozleme in your hot little hand.

There are a variety of flavours to choose from, spinach, spicy beef, chicken, turkish sausage and potato. Each flavour includes perfectly melted cheese yummo!

This day we chose the spinach and beef gozlemes, exceptional!

Spinach Gozleme ($8) - Gozleme Turkish House
Spinach Gozleme ($8) – Gozleme Turkish House
Beef Gozleme ($8.50) - Gozleme Turkish House
Beef Gozleme ($8.50) – Gozleme Turkish House

What is also great about coming here is that the lady who takes your order is always so pleasant, which I find refreshing compared to the pretty ordinary mundane service you normally get at food courts, you know what I mean. Even at Subway when you are being asked what you want in your sandwich it isn’t all that personal although it tries to be…

I’ve only had exceptional gozlemes in Sydney in two places, one is at Glebe markets (unsure if the stall is still there) and the other is here. So if you’re in the area I highly recommend this place. They also close later than the other food joints in the food court so it’s handy to have a early dinner after an afternoon of retail therapy 🙂

Gozleme Turkish House

Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre – Food Court
Roseby Street, Drummoyne NSW 2047


4 thoughts on “Gozleme anyone?

  1. If you think they’re nice you need to visit flemmington markets out in homebush. O.m.g…… I honestly go there to eat the gozleme the shopping is just a bonus.


    1. Thanks Lana! Will definitely try it at Flemington markets when I return to Sydney. The markets in Glebe do it pretty good too. There’s this one small stand that does it.


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