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Dinner by Heston…simply divine

Ever since arriving in London almost two years ago, I knew that I had to dine at one of Heston Blumenthal’s restaurants. Since Fat Duck temporarily relocated to Melbourne, it was no longer an option. But there was still Dinner. Last week my boyfriend surprised me by arranging dinner here and we had a wonderful evening. As you would expect from a restaurant of this … Continue reading Dinner by Heston…simply divine

Another vietnamese restaurant! Viet Anh Cafe – Camden

I know that I have written quite a few posts on Asian cuisine or Oriental as they call it here in England. It’s only cos I love it so much! There is this one dish that I keep having at a restaurant which I was actually put off after my first visit. The restaurant is called Viet Anh and the dish is a traditional one, … Continue reading Another vietnamese restaurant! Viet Anh Cafe – Camden