About Kim

Kim SeavHmmm me….what to say…well this is about food – I like to eat, yes but more importantly one of my favourite past times is dining out and experimenting with different flavors.  I’ve never worked in the food industry though I must say the start of the beautiful friendship originated during my high school Food Tech class…ahh the memories.

Life is too dam short to be restricting yourself from the wide variety of tantalizing cuisines out there! Nutritionists encourage people to lead a balanced lifestyle by eating a “rainbow” diet. Well I certainly do not deprive myself of a silver spoon here and a degustation there, makes me one happy lil vegemite! That’s not to say that I also don’t enjoy simple quality food either, sometimes these can be the winners, they generally are if coupled with genuine service.

Simple and quality food  – well I think Jamie Oliver is definately in the lead here. His 30 minute feasts has me drooling in envy. As much as I would love to be able to whip up 3 gorgeous dishes in 30 minutes I think I can only manage one main or entree. I don’t possess his super whiz bang chopping skills. The presentation of food is something I am working on in which he masters. I recently discovered cream fraiche in an IGA supermarket and got very excited. Turns out, using it instead of cooking cream gives the dish a rich creamy flavor, so good that  I can feel the calories creeping into my thighs with every bit!

Indulge in moderation – you only live once so why not have try a bit of everything. You may surprise yourself! – Kim (2011)

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