Eatability – I liked the old you better

Eatability as far as I’m concerned was THE food central hub website of the dining arena, to determine whether a place was worthy or not. I still think it is, rising above Urbanspoon (for Sydney anyway).

I find that I am constantly annoyed with the speed of the website, my searches tend to take ages and general keywords aren’t recognised. Even to load the website takes ages and I’m on an ASL+2 broadband connection here. I generally have to Google it then click on the direct link.

Prior to the pretty revamp it was ugly but super quick…it didn’t have all those extra features such as Services and Hotel (or did it?). As a web developer myself I find that with “revamps” tend to slow down accessibility as too many functions are crammed into it. The Keep it Simple Stupid concept no longer seems to apply. It definitely hasn’t with the current website.

I mean these minor hassles has inconvenienced me but it won’t put me off in using it. Just thought I’d rant about it.


3 thoughts on “Eatability – I liked the old you better

  1. Totally agree. They’ve lost the plot and it’s a total junk to use. Who would look up eatability to find a mechanic??? Fail


  2. I agree.

    I used to like it alot but now it’s kinda messy with all the other categories and I gets ads popping right in my face.

    I’m switching to urbanspoon now. My mates tell me abt another site but i think it’s new.. not much reviews yet..


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