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My Westeros experience – Game of Thrones Tour – Dubrovnik 2014 – cont’d

Continuing on from my post back in September, you’ll find a few more locations where GOT was filmed. Hope you enjoy it!

Location: The Red Keep – Arched walkways

This location (Lovrijenac fortress) was used a fair bit during Season Two, and in Episode One, this shows the scene titled “Knowledge is Power” between Cersei and Littlefinger. In Littlefinger’s case, he declares that knowledge is power but Cersei crushes this by using her power and authority as Queen to faux seize him. She ends their conversation with saying “Power is power”.

The photo was taken from the above, the main identification being the well which they kept. The other lamp posts things you see were props. The arches are also visible.


Source - Still from youtube: Carlos Barbudo
Source – Still from youtube: Carlos Barbudo

Physical Location:

Cersei and Littlefinger - forkmenow
Cersei and Littlefinger – forkmenow

Location: King’s Landing

This location is used in Season Two Episode Six “The Old Gods and the New”. After the Lannister’s reluctant farewell to Princess Myrcella to Dorne, they make their way through Kings Landing a riot begins where the people shout obscenities to Joffrey and he gets poo thrown on his face.
The stairs you see here form part of the entrance called Pile Gate which is the only entrance into the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Our guide told us that when this scene was filmed they had to block the entrance off for quite a while making the locals quite unhappy.


Source: youtube still 'Game of Thrones: Kings Landing Riot' - John Lescano
Photo: youtube still ‘Game of Thrones: Kings Landing Riot’ – John Lescano

Physical Location:

Pile Gate - forkmenow
Pile Gate – forkmenow

Location: City of Qarth

The location of Qarth was filmed in a couple of locations around Dubrovnik.
Lokrum island was used, more specifically, the Benedictine monastery, for a filming location to depict the some of the external grounds and the gardens. I didn’t have a chance to visit the island, only kayaked around it so couldn’t see much. It’s only a 15 minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik and the nearest island to get to.

Lokrum Island - forkmenow
Lokrum Island – forkmenow

A Qarth location which we did visit was the Rector’s Palace museum in the heart of Old Town. Here is where Daenerys speaks to Xaro about wanting ships so she can take the 7 kingdoms. Xaro takes her to see the Spice King. He refuses to give her any ships because he doesn’t see her as being a good investment even with her being the Mother of Dragons. She calls after him that she will take the kingdoms, with ‘fire and blood’.
The photos below shows the staircase where they stood during this scene. Plants were props but everything else remains the same.


Source: Still from youtube: V DeWitt
Source: Still from youtube: V DeWitt


Qarth staircase - forkmenow
Qarth staircase – forkmenow


Source: Still from youtube: V DeWitt
Photo: Still from youtube: V DeWitt


Qarth staircase - forkmenow
Qarth staircase – forkmenow

Location: City of Qarth – House of the Undying

The House of the Undying is the headquarters of the Warlocks of Qarth. The evil sickly looking man with the blue tongue and dead eyes is one of them. The building’s real name is Minceta Tower, located along the City Walls, was used as a defence tower to protect Dubrovnik from attacks on the land.
We didn’t go inside but below is a glimpse of the shot were Daenerys stands next to a window with a bar across it.


Photo courtesy of Elite Tours - Copyright HBO
Photo courtesy of Elite Tours – Copyright HBO


House of the Undying - forkmenow
House of the Undying – forkmenow

Location: City Walls

In the second season Shae is placed in the Red Keep as Sansa’s hand maiden with the help of Varys.
In the photos below she steps out onto the balcony while talking to Tyrion and takes in a view of the city and declares that ‘this city stinks, like dead bodies…and shit’. Both photos include a view of the city with its red rooftops as well as Lokrum Island




View of the city - My photo
View of the city – forkmenow

Location: Boka Fort – Planning for Blackwater

In this scene in Season Two, Varys and Tyrion are planning a defence plan for Kings Landing prior to the Battle of Blackwater. They are standing on Boka Fort. You can see the Lovrijenac fortress in the background which is CGI adjusted for the show. In the past, Boka Fort was also used for defence, specifically to defend the main entrance gate to the city, bridge and moat at the Pile. Today it’s used for summer festivals just like Lovrijenac.




Tyrion and Varys - Source: forkmenow
Tyrion and Varys – Source: forkmenow

That’s it for Dubrovnik! There were a few other places where I’d like to have gone to while I was there but didn’t have time. They include:

  • Dubrovnik’s Gradac Park – Season Four, Episode 2 – where the Purple Wedding was filmed. This is when Joffrey was killed during his wedding to Margaery Tyrell. I did try to find it but couldn’t and was strapped for time. I think its a short walk from Pile Gate. I could see it from the Fortress.
  • Lokrum Island – City of Qarth and Gardens – as mentioned during this post
  • Hotel Belvedere – In Season Four, this is where Prince Oberon represents Tyrion for the trial by battle against the Mountain and gets his faced squished in. It’s an abandoned hotel in ruins, entry isn’t permitted but you can see from its exterior, the semi arch shaped platform where the fight took place. It’s located a couple of kilometers east of Dubrovnik.
  • Trsteno Arboretum – Gardens of Kings Landing – Located 10km north of Dubrovnik in a small village called Trsteno. You will need a car or bus to get there. Viator does run a tour but it’s quite expensive.

I recently visited Northern Ireland where a bunch more locations were used for Game of Thrones. Stay tuned for my next post! 🙂


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