Cara & Co

It was a Friday night, two weeks ago, and after having some drinks at Palmer and Co, a couple of friends and I were hungry.

I had heard about Cara & Co from the good ol’ Entertainment Book and had wanted to try it for awhile, and that night I was lucky enough to be with friends who were also keen 🙂

The restaurant is on Level 4, in Westfields. It’s one of those places which I would have walked by many times and not taken much notice as it has a clothing store shopfront. It’s an experience as soon as you walk in. You have the feeling like you are walking on a catwalk, surrounded by what I presumed to be expensive and very trendy attire. We didn’t stop by to check it out, too hungry!

Cara & Co
Cara & Co

The restaurant itself looked like a little nightclub, both groovy and modern at the same time. We didn’t have a booking as this had been an impromptu decision but was lucky enough to get a table. The restaurant wasn’t packed but there was a reasonable amount of diners that night.

The first thing I will praise is the service…it was first class. From the moment we sat down, we were given a plate of little round things which looked like mints. The waitress then came round with a a jug of water and poured it on the coins and they grew like little white towers. They were moist towels. It was so cool!

Cara & Co
Cara & Co

cara & co
It has risen!

The menu wasn’t extensive but it catered for all tastes. 4 entrees, 4 mains and 4 desserts. We only had mains as the prices are not for the budget conscious. I chose the Lamb, as with all the meals, the description was short and sweet — Lamb Shoulder – Sweet Potato — Plumb — Earl Grey tea. My friends chose the Waygu and Fish.

cara & co
cara & co

Once we ordered, a amuse bouche was brought out. It was tuna sashimi wrapped in smoked eggplant, topped with horse radish cream and dried seaweed pieces. It was a mouthful of delectable heaven!

cara & co
cara & co

To our delight, we also received a second amuse bouche, its feature was dried fish skin. It was beautifully presented on a polished rock.

cara & co
cara & co

Now by this time we were wondering why were were given so many freebies (not that we were complaining!) but was keen to start on our mains. They came moments later. It also answered our questions about the free stuff…the servings were incredibly small.

Three waiters served us our mains and poured a jus onto my meal and my friend’s who had the beef while we watched. It was executed with expert precision. Each dish was given a detailed explanation by the waiters, this also included the amuse bouches.

My main was delicious, worth the wait but probably not for the money. My lamb was slow cooked and tender, the jus a perfect match whilst the plumb brought a refreshing change to the rich palate. The sweet potato paste brought all the flavours together. I would have loved for more but this is all part of the experience, less is more I guess. It was a perfect dish though. I tasted my friends’ dishes as well and they were both also very good. This is probably the reason they have a small menu, because they execute each dish very well.

cara & co
cara & co – Lamb Shoulder

cara & co
cara & co – Waygu Beef

cara & co
cara & co – Red Snapper

If you have the entertainment book, I encourage you to try this place. Its good for couples and small groups, but be ready to spend some money. The wine list is quite good, bottles start from $40.
Overall I thought the service was fantastic, food was exquisite but the portions were too small. We left the restaurant feeling not quite satisfied, thank goodness for Maccas aye? hehe

Shop 4001 Level 4
Westfield Sydney 188 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
+61 2 9226 9988

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  1. Keep on blogging! its getting by way of the tough times that make you stronger after which the great times will follow, maintain writing about your reviews and we should all pull together.”


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