El Jannah Restaurant – Granville

If you ever have a hankering for charcoal chicken, Lebanese style at its best, go to El Jannah.

I frequent El Jannah maybe once every quarter now, used to be every two months or so when I had my train buddy with me. I take the South Line train in peak hour on my daily commute so whenever the train stops at Granville, my 3rd sense awakens, especially on my journey home (wonder why aye? 6pm dinner time etc).

El Jannah is always busy so there’s always a queue. Best if you’re in a group to grab a table as soon as it is vacated as someone will soon be over to clear the table. My last visit was last Tuesday, there were 4 of us so we ordered the usual, 1 whole chicken, the usual sides (pickled cucumbers and radish), large side of fries and yes wait for it…the creme de la  creme of the meal, the heavenly garlic sauce 🙂 The chicken is cut into quarters for your convenience and whoever snoozes gets the breast pieces 😀 which are still good but just not quite the same as the thigh pieces.  The fresh Lebanese bread is complimentary when the chicken is ordered.

el-jannah chicken feast
el-jannah charcoal chicken feast

**Word of warning, do not come here on your first date and have the garlic as you leave smelling like something witches are afraid of.  Also first dates normally consist of talking and more talking. When you come here you must eat! Eat the chicken whilst it’s fresh off the charcoal!**

Because they are so busy and turn many tables in one night, it’s a matter of eat the chicken then leave. Its not a place which you can sit and chat for long, especially if people are wanting your table.

Now the prices may seem a bit inflated compared to other charcoal chicken places but trust me, its worth the extra coins. The servings are generous, our chicken quarters were quite substantial, as you can see, and we were given what looked like 1kg of fries (which are awesome!). We paid less than $10 per person that night and that also included a couple of soft drinks. Cheaper than Nandos peoples!!! And Nandos doesn’t have awesome garlic sauce so boo. Ok enough of bagging out Nandos…they’re alright. But if you are watching your coins, then takeaway is considerably cheaper and might be a better option for you.

el-jannah – hungry yet?

Mmm the cravings are back…what? Already? 😛

All I can say is, dining here is well worth leaving with smelly garlic fingers and having breath which would fought off witches.

El Jannah Restaurant

4-6 South St
Granville NSW 2142
El Jannah Restaurant Website


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